A new website design does not equal an seo program

Many small business owners will call a website design company in order to get a new website, not realizing that the website design itself is only a small portion of the factors that go into getting higher rankings on search engines. Additionally, most small business owners are unaware that website design and seo are two different things. While website design plays a role in good seo programs, simply having a website built professionally does not necessarily mean that search engine optimization was ever taken into account during the design, and even more shockingly sometimes was completely ignored in order to sell a more expensive website.

Most small business owners understand that they need to be on the internet in the form of a website in order to expose their business to potential new customers, but what many do not understand is that they actually need two things, a website and a search engine optimization program which will make that website rank on search engines. These two elements work together, but are not the same thing. Many website designers are actually artists who are looking at creating a visual display that will be pleasing to customers, and many will actually ignore the basic rules of search engine optimization in order to make a more pleasing design. If you were to ask business owners if they prefer a dynamic design that will also not allow people to find the website or a less dynamic design that will be easily found on Google when someone searches for their type of business, most business owners are going to choose the latter. This is because businesses are actually about making money, and very few are willing to lose customers in order to make yourself look more impressive to very few people who already know who you are. This is the problem that many of the coding techniques used by designers are actually bad for rankings, and many of the choices that designers make will harm the real point of the project, which is to expand your business to new customers.

Any professional seo company is also a company that designs websites, as the design is crucial to the success of the overall project. However, most website designers are not seo companies, and are not interested in the ongoing programs of content creation and link building that go into seo programs. By utilizing a designer that is not familiar with modern seo, you very well might end up with a design that will never perform as well as it could on search engines, or in the worst case needs to be completely redone in order to allow it to perform. A completely flash website will look fantastic; however it will have major problems indexing for multiple keywords on Google. You will probably index for your name, and maybe another descriptive word about your business, but you will probably have big problems indexing for much beyond that, no matter how hard the seo company works.

The best bet is to hire your seo company first based upon their portfolio and successes, and then have them design the website so it fits into the guidelines of the search engine optimization program they are creating for you. They will understand the limitations of some website code and the pitfalls of certain kinds of designs, and explain to you what your options are if you are looking for a successful seo program and rankings that will expose your business to new customers. Avoid website designers that do not understand seo programs, no matter how nice their portfolio is. If you utilize a designer purely for the designs he has created, you very well might undermine the entire point of the website, which is to attract new people and customers.

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