What Are SEO Companies?

Focus Internet Services is one of the premier SEO companies in the world, garnishing rankings improvements for 100% of all clients it has ever served throughout the entire history of the business. The overwhelming majority of these clients have been utilizing our SEO services for multiple years, and we continue to provide results that improve month over month for 98% of them. Over the course of the last 2 months, 100% of our clients have shown increases in their organic traffic to their websites month over month, most showing over 100% increases in traffic over last year. No other SEO company can make these claims.

Many people do not understand what SEO companies actually do, and what services they provide to their clients. This is due to a lack of understanding of the internet, and how it is utilized on a daily basis by millions of people. As the popularity of search engines as a source for information has grown, so has use of them as the starting point of many decisions. It is estimated that roughly 80% of all decisions that end up in a purchase are begun with some form of online research, and 80% of online research starts at a search engine. In short, people begin the process of buying things online, looking for advice in some form about what products or services are right for them.

Search engine optimization companies and online marketing firms offer many different services that promote businesses using the internet as a medium, but the main way to reach the most people who are engaged, potential buyers is search engine optimization. SEO is taking a website or web-presence and creating a situation where Google or other search engines view it as favorable to rank in the first few results when someone searches for a targeted term or phrase. There are limitless variations on terms and phrases, but search engines attempt to understand the meaning of pages of a website in order to return the best results for their customers (the searchers.) The reason Google has grown to be such a starting point for information is that they have grown very good at returning results that are meaningful and give the information that the searcher was looking for. In the early days of search engines, they were easy to manipulate through feeding data to them that was in-line with the way they indexed things. For example, if a search engine simply looked for a word or phrase within the website and assigned the top results it returned for phrases matching that term by the amount of times the word was used, all the SEO company had to do was stuff that word into a page more times than the competition. Luckily, those days are gone and Google has grown very suspect of websites that use any form of tricks to gain rankings.

The top three results returned by Google when a person searches for something get the overwhelming amount of the clicks through. If you are trying to sell something to people, then the sheer volume of potential customers that can be gained when they ask Google for information on a certain phrase if you are in the first three results is huge compared to all other positions. This is because people believe that Google has sorted the results by importance, as well as the fact that people want to do as little research as possible. They trust that Google has done the work for them, and as a result they trust the results that are presented in the first few places. If you are trying to reach new customers, you must be in these positions. This is where “having a website” is not enough. Every single result that is returned in the thousands of results that have been returned by Google is a website, so what makes the top three better than all the rest? SEO companies use strategy to help your website be recognized as “the best” for a phrase that people looking for your business type in. It is not necessary for you to be the best for anything that is not related to your business, only the things that are involved in your products or services. This is what seo companies do; they focus the information on the website into easily understood packages, so that Google and the other search engines see that package and decide it is better than everyone else.

Content and links is the key for SEO companies. Developing content that is about the subject that is being targeted is what we do in order to get higher rankings. Getting other websites to link to that content is the way Google judges if the content is better than similar content somewhere else. Google does not necessarily “understand” the content, but instead is looking to other websites to understand it for them, and trusting their judgment that if they would link to it, then it must be good. The way it works is very sophisticated in that it is not simply a link, but a link from a website that is also on the same subject, that is important. The content starts the process; the links from similar content websites is the catalyst for higher rankings. All in all, the actual work that SEO companies do is very simple, but the strategy that creates the higher rankings for each individual client is very complex. Each group of results is a competition for the top spots, and you only need to be “better” than the competition to outrank them. SEO companies use strategic work to make you “better than the competition.”

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