Who Is Big Bulldog SEO?

big bulldog seoBig Bulldog SEO was born out of the necessity to be relentless with regards to marketing. SEO (search engine optimization) is a constant competition, being reviewed every time someone uses the algorithm to search for something. The results are calculated and displayed in real time using an elaborate system of deciding which websites provide the best information on that topic. In order to move up in the rankings for that particular search topic, you must improve the information on that topic housed on the website, as well as the website itself. The other factor that comes into play with regards to SEO is links from other websites to yours. Google evaluates the importance of that webpage and link to this topic, and gives it a certain amount of value as a result. Valuable links to your web content push rankings up, and content that is not considered valuable either does nothing or pushes your rankings down. The process of SEO is to analyze all these aspects of the things being considered by search engines in order to make them more favorable, and ultimately move that website up in the listings.

Why should you use SEO? Search engine optimization has a single goal, to move a website higher into the results for particular searches. Only the websites on the first page of results get clickthroughs, and the overwhelming majority (56%+) of those clickthroughs go to the first result alone. Statistics show that customers use search engines to find where to buy products and services, and those statistics actually show upwards of 90% of decisions being made with information that is found online. This means that there is not only a huge group of potential customers out there using Google to decide where to buy, but also that they are actively looking for where to do it. This makes Google marketing completely different than other forms, because the customer is actively searching for the things they want instead of being presented with information at times when they are not searching for it.  These types of customers are far more likely to buy or make decisions at that point, which makes search engines the most effective method of finding new customers who convert. 

In order to have your website generate new leads, it has to be found by potential customers. You can either advertise it using other methods like salespeople passing out cards, or you can benefit from being found on the search engines people are using to find out information. The only way to be seen by these potential customers is to be on the first page of results, and mostly in the first 3 results displayed. In order to achieve that goal, you will either need to accidentally do everything right, or use a SEO program that gets you there. SEO takes time and effort to achieve the goals, and only the ones who relentlessly and aggressively go for it are the ones who get there. SEO is a dogfight between you and your competitors. You need a bulldog in this fight.


Big Bulldog SEO


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