Why “Las Vegas SEO,” “Las Vegas search engine optimization,” “Las Vegas SEO company” and “Las Vegas search engine optimization company” are all very different.

Why “Las Vegas SEO,” “Las Vegas search engine optimization,” “Las Vegas SEO company” and “Las Vegas search engine optimization company” are all very different.

Every Las Vegas SEO is interested in building the amount of business they gain from Google, Yahoo and Bing. As a matter of fact, every search engine optimization company is interested in developing their rankings for these types of terms, due to the fact that it not only gets them potential business, but also proves that they are better at what they do than their competition. What better way to compare companies that do search engine optimization in a local environment than seeing whose own website ranks highest. It seems like it proves that they are the best, or at least they would have you believe that when their salesman calls you.

When you look at Google rankings for phrases like “Las Vegas SEO” and all of the variations of it, the salesman that you are talking to is going to tell you that his firm is the best because they have the #1 position for a phrase like it. They have developed a strategy to rank for a particular term, and use it to prove the value of thier service. However, what customers must know is that not all terms are created equal, and rarely is a company going to rank #1 for all of them. In our local situation here in Las Vegas, we chose not to target the phrase “Las Vegas SEO” and instead chose to focus our efforts on “Las Vegas SEO company.” You can see from checking the rankings that we rank higher for “Las Vegas SEO company” than we do for “Las Vegas SEO.” This is because we have found through research that more people searching for the generic term “SEO” are looking for information on how the process is done, and more people searching for “SEO company” are looking to hire a firm to do it for them. With that knowledge, we decided to put our efforts into the phrase that would more probably convert into customers “Las Vegas SEO company.” While many salesmen will use the fact that we do not outrank them for “Las Vegas SEO” or some other variation in order to attemtp to prove why they are better, it must be stated that good search engine optimization work targets specific phrases, and pushes up rankings for the purpose of gaining new business, not just to say you rank for a certain phrase.

On the same hand, the phrase “Las Vegas search engine optimization” is not the same as “Las Vegas search engine optimization company.” They are no more the same than the term “seo company” and “search engine optimization company,” and are also not the same as “Las Vegas SEO.” While all this may seem confusing, the point to be learned is that a good search engine optimization company uses a focused strategy that does not try to rank for every term, but instead researches the terms and phrases that are going to develop into business for the client. Ranking for the sake of ranking may look good on the surface, but when no customers convert from the traffic that is gained, the strategy is a failure.

Look for an seo company that understands keyword research, and has a proven track record of getting the results they are targeting. If your soe company is not located in Las Vegas, simply replace our city with your local one, and do the same research. Also, keep in mind that the location of the seo company is not relevant to their ability to succeed for your business. Good seo companies can do local search engine optimization for any city or region.

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