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What Is Search Engine Optimization, And Why Choose Us?

Focus Internet Services is an online marketing firm that provides SEO (search engine optimization) and website design services to clients.  Search engine optimization is the process of manipulating content that is both on your website and on other websites that link back to you.  Through years of experience, we have developed a unique process that will cause your website to climb to the first page of Google and other search engines for certain phrases that we target.  Those phrases are carefully chosen to describe the products and services that your business provides, creating a situation where people who are searching online for the things you sell will then find your business in the Google results they see.  Without being positioned on the first page of search engine results, very few potential customers who are seeking your products or services will find you and call you.  This is a wasted opportunity because almost 80% of all purchasing decisions now begin on the internet.  If you put an ad in a magazine, you are hoping that the people reading that magazine find your ad and want your products.  If you get onto the first page of search engines, people who are physically looking for your products see your listing.  It is the difference between HOPING that a group of people want what you sell, and KNOWING that a group of people want what you sell.  It is the best form of marketing on the planet.

We have been successfully helping clients use the internet to convert new customers for their businesses for over nine years, and we have done so by using a simple philosophy….”be the best at SEO.”  When SEO was first becoming popular, seo companies used tricks to fool Google into placing their client’s websites on the front pages, but we knew that sooner or later Google would catch up and create a system where the best information is on the first page and not just a bunch of tricks.  We have been using a strategy for almost a decade that has always provided consistent and long-term rankings, never being effected by an “algorithm change” on Google’s part.  Our clients do not lose their rankings because our strategy is to do exactly what Google wants us to do, and not try to trick them into ranking our websites high right away.  This strategy works, and it will always work.  We create a website that is structurally what Google is looking for, and then we create content on that website that proves that we are better at our business than all of the competition.  Mix that with a system of distributing the content through social media and other channels, and Google responds.  This is SEO in it’s purest form, and this is the strategy we will always use.

Our company has offices in Las Vegas, NV, and Lake Havasu City, AZ.

We provide SEO services for the entire United States, and all local geographic locations within the US.

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