About us
Web is an interactive medium that offers access to buyers, sellers and, readers to purchase and sell things online. We work towards assisting our clients and satisfying all their writing needs by offering them quality and 100% original content. Focus Internet Services has a team of writers and designers who are experienced and skilled to offer the very best to our clients. The company is owned by Nancy Dehra and in the last few years we have written for thousands websites, web articles, blogs for our various clients. We have been able to satiate the needs of our clients and have turned them into our regular customers by providing them with convincing, informative and, search engine optimized content. As an established content writing services provider, we have a defined and qualitative process to distribute every project. Whether you need an elaborate website or a succinct company profile or web articles explaining your products and services, each of our projects undergoes a defined method that meets high quality standards needed by our clients and the rigid quality norms applied by us on our solutions internally. Content writing is a creative and intricate job that demands excellence and an eye of an artist who is well versed with writing basics. With organized business requirements content writing can’t be just scribbling away and wielding a pen at the request of the muses. It needs professionalism, experience, skill and most importantly a knack for writing to produce content that meets the quality standards required by various clients. It needs a certain order of organized operation, specifically when professional writers can take the burden of writing for clients.We provide content to various clients by understanding their needs and fulfilling them completely and within the specified deadline.Our content development method follows following phases: 1. Understanding client needs: We team up with our clients and document their needs to provide them with the very best content. 2. Research and Analysis: At this step we research thoroughly keeping the need of the client in mind and come up with the most suitable solutions and assisting research material apt to the project. 3. Preparing a Sample Draft: We prepare a small draft as per our research and understanding to get a basic project approval for style and tone from our clients. 4. Preparation of project allowing the client’s feedback: After getting an approval on sample draft, we implement the client’s feedback and proceed further. Our content writers and copy writers working on the project follow the outlines carefully and hence complete the project accordingly. 5. Quality Check: After the completion of the project, we run a quality check on it to check for brevity, relevancy, accuracy and diction. This is a major step and is executed by our proof readers and SME’s. 6. Client approval: The project is then sent for final approval from the client. 7. Incorporation of changes: Any changes thereby suggested or demanded by the client are incorporated. 8. Project closure: After final acceptance from the client the project is closed. 9. Project delivery: The project is thus delivered to the client within the set deadline. All these steps are followed to ensure quality and satisfying content for our clients.If you need any further details on our processes or packages available, please feel free to Contact us.